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VOM Dermal Fillers

VOM Dermal Fillers

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2 x 1ml / box

Multi Layered Phasic
• R2 Technology (Rotation & Revolution)
• HA : 20mg/ml • Needle : 25G ½’ / 27G ½’
• Purpose : Volumizing & contouring
• Injection Depth : Sub-Q Layer
• Packing Unit: 2 syringes
3 Types:
V Red - Fine
O Green - Deep
M Blue - Shape

'VOM' produced by the specialized 'R Square' technology consists of a 'Biphasic' formulation with a strong lifting force at the center of the particle shape, and a 'Monophasic' formulation with a soft periphery. It is based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. It is biocompatible with human tissues and it breaks down naturally over time. The endotoxin level in this filler is less than 0.5 EU / ml, which minimizes the various side effects that may occur after the procedure. VOM contains lidocaine, which makes the procedure absolutely painless for patients . The naturalness of the gel and the lifting effect of the particles are excellent.

Three KEY factors of a SAFE filler
» Pure HA filler
» Fully hydrated HA filler
» Less Pain HA Filler

Three KEY factors of a FUNCTIONAL filler
» Provides natural contouring
» Easy to reform
» Convenient to maneuver
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