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Soy Peptide

Soy Peptide

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Soy Peptide has anti oxidative, anti wrinkle features, made of soy protein using protease. The soy peptide complex has been specially formulated to provide maximal MMP inhibitory activity. The hydrophobic dipeptide presents in the soy peptide complex bind and inactivate the MMP’s active site and prevent MMP from degrading collagen bundles.

Top benefits of using Peptides include:

Improved Skin Barrier Function
Healthier skin function means a more resilient skin barrier, which can be promoted by proper use of Peptides.

Minimized Appearance of Fine Lines
Wrinkles and lines fade with consistent use of Peptides after peels and in conjunction with other anti-aging ingredients.

Healing of Wounds and Skin Scarring
Skin is soothed and regenerated with Peptides, buffing away scars and skin impurities.

Firmer, More Youthful‐Looking Skin
Peptides fill fine lines and wrinkles to smooth skin’s surface and promote elasticity.

Increased Hydration
Peptides may encourage collagen production, which leads to a boost in hydration and elasticity.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Peptides can block irritating ingredients from reaching your skin, calming your skin and reduce inflammation.

Slower Process of Skin Aging
With the support of Peptides, skin shows less signs of aging and more signs of strength.

More Even, Refined Skin Texture
Skin’s surface is buffed and resurfaced overtime with Peptides, promoting even skin tone and texture.

Bouncier, More Supple Complexion
Skin is plump in all the right places when you add the bounce of Peptides to your pores.

Peptides for Skincare Side Effects
In the world of skincare, creams and ointments applied topically containing Peptides may cause skin symptoms, though they’re unlikely. These side effects can include skin sensitivity, rash and itching. To avoid this, patch-test your skincare first when trying a new product to ensure your skin won’t react to a Peptide-infused product.

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