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Plant Stem Cell Active Cell Regeneration and Whitening

Plant Stem Cell Active Cell Regeneration and Whitening

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Plant Stem Cell Active Cell Regeneration and Whitening
5 ampoules x 10ml

Plant stem cells activates communication among fat tissue stem cells and fibroblasts – the most common cells of connective tissue that play a critical role in wound healing which results in greater expression of genes that are essential in preserving the skin extracellular matrix, increased collagen and elastin production and increase in the regenerative potential of fibroblasts. They induce stem cell generating mechanism in the body, with the production of pluripotent stem cells, and convert these pluripotent stem cells into specific type of multipotent stem cells, depending on individual condition to exert tissue and cellular repair, skin rejuvenation and regeneration.

This product is made with multiple plant stem cell cultures which are biologically active specifically for whitening and brightening skin. When mixed with a whitening product, it improves the effectiveness of your whitening injection product. It effectively assists and boost skin whitening and speeds up the process of inhibiting melanin production.

Best recommended to people using whitening injections with slow results. This is proven in researches and clinical studies.

Just add 1 ampoule to your whitening injection infusion for better results.
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