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NuSTEM - Advance Stem Cell Support for Anti-Aging

NuSTEM - Advance Stem Cell Support for Anti-Aging

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NuSTEM - Advance Stem Cell Support for Anti-Aging
4g x 20 sachets

Mixed berries juice powder (blackberry juice, raspberry juice, blueberry juice), CyanthOx Tibetan seaberry concentrate, Ioniplex ionic mineral complex, stevia.

Benefits of NuStem :
1. Increases the number of circulating stem cells
2. Accelerates tissue repair at cellular level
3. Supports daily tissue renewal
4. Promotes healthy aging

Our bodies are comprised of trillions of cells that make up our muscles, organs, tissues, and skin. Each cell has many components that provide protection and function. One of the most important components of our cells is the mitochondria.

NuSTEM is a revolutionary formula for healthy aging that is powered by two key ingredients: CyanthOx Tibetan Seaberry Concentrate and Ioniplex Ionic Minerals. Clinically tested, CyanthOx has been shown to stimulate the release of stem cells, increasing the number of circulating stem cells in the bloodstream significantly. Ioniplex is a patented ingredient that works to improve mitochondrial metabolism and stimulate rejuvenation processes on a cellular level. CyanthOx – Stem Cell Rejuvenation The source of CyanthOx is an ancient plant, sea buckthorn, found in the Tibetan Plateau. After millions of years of evolution, sea buckthorn contains a range of bioactive nutrients, such as polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, and bioflavonoids. Processing sea buckthorn into CyanthOx is a concentrated process - it takes 300kg of sea buckthorn to produce 1kg of CyanthOx. Stem Cell Stimulation According to clinical studies, CyanthOx is able to trigger stem cell release, significantly increasing the number of circulating stem cells. These stem cells are capable of transforming and repairing any damaged or aged cells and prevent the development of degenerative health issues.

As an Antioxidant Protection, CyanthOx's rich antioxidant profile provides protection against radical damages, boasting an ORAC value 895,281 μmol TE/100g - 8 times more powerful than grape seed extract and 1.7 times more potent than french maritime pine bark extract! Ioniplex Ionic Fulvic Minerals – Cellular Repair Ioniplex is a patented ingredient whose clinical studies have demonstrated its ability to improve mitochondrial metabolism, facilitate cellular repair, and increase mineral absorbtion. A combination of fulvic acid and essential macro and trace minerals, Ioniplex is able to induce beneficial effects over long-term use. Mitochondrial Metabolism & Cellular Health Mitochondria have a crucial role in cell health, being responsible for energy and respiration production. When they work properly, mitochondria assist with cell performance while defending against cell damage. These components, along with the trillions of cells that makeup our muscles, organs, tissues, and skin, are protected and supported by the mitochondria.

What is Ioniplex® and how is it made? Ioniplex is derived from humic deposits with a wealth of compressed organic plant matter, each one having its own distinct qualities. In less technical terms, it is an organic acid that originates from biologically active layers of petrified, disintegrated, and condensed plant life, referred to as leonardite.

Benefits of Fulvic Acid?

Through the last few decades, researchers have found out even more regarding how fulvic acid is an asset to human health by:

1. Supporting gut wellness and reinforcing immunity
2. Enhancing digestion and nutrient absorption
3. Detoxifying cells
4. Dealing with free-radical damage
5. Reducing inflammation and
6. Enhancing energy level
7. Resetting and defending the skin.

Keep in cool dry place. Avoid from direct sunlight.
Color, texture, smell and taste may vary slightly from batch to batch due to properties of all natural ingredients.

Serving Suggestion:
Consume once or twice a day with one sachet to 150ml of room temperature water per serving as part of your lifestyle regimen.
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