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Lucchini Glutathione Peptide Capsules

Lucchini Glutathione Peptide Capsules

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Lucchini Glutathione Peptide, One Therapy Fits All 
30 capsules

Collagen in Glutathione Peptide helps slow aging, prevents wrinkles for a glowing, smoother, and younger skin that is moisturized. Best to use collagen if you want to maintain your skin’s complexion while avoiding signs of skin ageing. Collagen connects tissues in our skin, so it’s important to add this in your diet if you’re aiming for firm skin.

Glutathione Peptide Benefits:

– Boost collagen regeneration
– Lighten dark cycles
– Reduce stretch marks
– Relieve inflammation and allergic reactions
– Whiten skin tone
– Keep skin firm and smooth
– Remove oedema
– Antioxidant
– Anti-glycation
– Anti-aging
– Lightens dark spots

Glutathione 1000mg
Vitamin 1000mg
Marine Peptide Collagen 600mg
Multivitamin Ve Vb2 Vb6 600mg
L-Cysteine 300mg
Additional Ingredients:
Hyaluronic Acid
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