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Isme Rasyan Herbal Clove Toothpaste 100g

Isme Rasyan Herbal Clove Toothpaste 100g

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Isme Rasyan Herbal Clove Toothpaste
With Aloe Vera & Guava Leaf

Ingredients : Clove Oil, Mentol, Sodium Laurilsuiphate.

Natural ingredients which leaves your mouth clean and fresh like it was scrubbed clean unlike other chemical toothpaste

Herbal Clove Toothpaste helps eliminate limestone from cigarette, tea and coffee. Reduces hypersentive gums and teeth and anti bacteria. Stops bad breath.

Directions : Use as often as you would with a regular toothpaste. Do not wet your toothbrush. Scrape off about a pea size onto your toothbrush and enjoy.

After 3-5 days, you will notice how your teeth become whiter by 1-3 tones. Do not mix with other pastes.
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