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GLUTAMAXX Turbo Skin Whitening with Bird's Nest Extract

GLUTAMAXX Turbo Skin Whitening with Bird's Nest Extract

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Content: 60 Capsules

Harness the power of Gutathione, Vitamin C, L Cysteine and Blueberry for ultimate skin whitening supplement by Glutamaxx. Glutamaxx gluta skin whitening pill is capable of keeping your skin smoothed, tightened, and young looking, while also lightening your skin tone. Get a fresh, radiant and whiter skin you admire.

Glutamaxx highly advanced skin whitening formulation provides for nourishing skin cells. This can in turn, reduce the profile of dark spots, acne, scars & hyperpigmentation. Consumption of Glutathione & L Cysteine is known to provide skin whitening lightening and brightening and anti aging effects as well.

Glutamaxx skin whitening supplement is manufactured exclusively with the highest quality ingredients available.

Reveal your brightest and most beautiful skin with GLUTAMAXX SKIN WHITENING. What makes it POWERFUL? It contains 2 potent synergistic ingredients in addition to the high dose glutathione!

GLUTAMAXX SKIN WHITENING is easily absorbed by the body compared to regular glutathione

Glutathione brightens skin by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase. It also acts as an antioxidant that protects the skin from damage that causes darkening and discoloration

Pure Vitamin C and Bird Nest Extract boost the absorption and function of glutathione in the body. They also promote the natural production of glutathione inside your body
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