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Esenseu White Intensive

Esenseu White Intensive

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Ginseng Glutathione Extract 8000mg
Thioctic Acid 500mg
Vitamin B Complex 500mg
Natural Collagen Extract 800mg
Ascorbic Acid 2500mg
Epidermal Growth Factor 800mg
Coenzyme Q10 400mg
Multivitamin 500mg

Are you facing skin problems like darkening of the skin, low skin moisturization, and wrinkles? Esenseu White Intensive Whitening will solve all your skin problems and give an effective bright look to your face.

It has an all-natural ingredients which help in brightening the skin faster. It helps boost the collagen level and increases the development of cells in the skin and provides nourishment and hydration to the skin. It helps in reducing pigmentation.

The product is a perfect combination of all the ingredients for your skin and helps in improving skin quality and tone. It also helps in preventing skin from free radicals. It also helps in preventing pigmentation.

Benefits of Esenseu White Intensive Glutathione 8000mg Injections:-
Helps in reducing anti-aging.
Makes skin elastic.
It helps in boosting cell development.
Helps in the growth of new cells in the skin.
Helps in preventing anti-aging.
Helps in reducing wrinkles.
It helps in preventing skin pigmentation.
It helps in healing sunburns and wounds.
It gives nourishment and moisturization to the skin.
It keeps the skin hydrating.
It reduces skin inflammation.
It improves skin texture and tone.
It opens the pores and cleanses the skin deeply.

How to use:
It is an intravenous drip once in a week.
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