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DHC Vitamin C Powder 1500mg

DHC Vitamin C Powder 1500mg

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DHC Vitamin C Powder 1500mg

48.0g (1.6g x 30 sticks)

Product Ingredients
Maltose reduced syrup (made in Japan) / Vitamin C, sweetener (stevia), flavorings, Vitamin B2

Nutrition Facts per 1 stick (1.6g).
Calories 6.3kcal
Protein 0g, Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 1.57g
Salt equivalent 0.03g
Vitamin C 1500mg
Vitamin B 20.32mg

Vitamin C in powder form, containing 1500 mg of vitamin C and 0.32 mg of vitamin B2 per serving. A refreshing lemon flavor that is easy to take without water. Provides vitamin C when and as needed for bright, elastic, beautiful skin.

- Effective in whitening by suppressing and hindering the production of melanin. Suitable for people concerned about skin and body problems caused by skin whitening, acne prevention, smoking and drinking habits, irregular lifestyle, and staying up late at night, it can enhance healing power and boost overall immunity.
- Adding vitamin B2 to highly concentrated vitamin C can promote iron absorption and collagen synthesis, making it a beauty vitamin that maintains youthful vitality.
- Water-soluble vitamin C is not easily stored in the body and is easily lost at an accelerated rate due to exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to supply an appropriate amount every day.
- This product is conveniently packaged in small, individual, portable packages, making it easy to replenish at any time.
- Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a familiar antioxidant. It is one of the most familiar antioxidant nutrients. It not only promotes pigment metabolism and smooth, bright, beautiful skin, but also promotes collagen synthesis and it not only promotes pigment metabolism and creates smooth, bright and beautiful skin, but also has excellent health functions, such as promoting collagen synthesis, helping iron absorption, and maintaining normal bone and tooth development.

Dosage and administration
One sachet per day can be taken at any time, either directly in the mouth or directly with water (adjust the amount of water as desired), with a light lemon flavor.

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