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Bio-Swiss Bio-Celergen Stem Cell Adv Pro

Bio-Swiss Bio-Celergen Stem Cell Adv Pro

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1ml x 20 ampoules per box

1 Ampoule contains:
Embryonic stemcells 2500mg
Equiv to Stemcells Extract 500mg
Thiamine Hydrocloride 150mg
Pyridoxine Hydrocloride 10mg
Cystein 1mg
Copper Peptide 20mg
Glycine 5.5mg

Myosin 48mg
Kinesin 500mcg
Collagen 150mg

L-Lysine 7.5mg
L-Glutamine 5.8mg
L-Gluthatione 300mg
L-Arginine 300mcg
L-Leucine 2mg
L-Alanine 2.5mg
L-Histanine 288mcg

Calcium 20mg
Sodium 1mg
Potassium 250mcg
Iron 1mg
Zinc 5mg

Eternal-youth seekers have great reason to cheer with the revelations of science about stems cells from Bio Swiss Celergen the anti-aging effects is gives. Evidence is increasingly coming to the forefront that regenerative properties of stem cells can cure many age-related complications and delay aging.

BIO SWISS BIO-CELERGEN STEM CELL also contains traces of NUCLEIC ACID elements as well as most of the essential Enzymes required by the human body. Most of the growth factors such as IgG, T gF, I gF and others can be found in Bio Swiss Celergen Stem Cell as Well.

With aging, the cells of the body begin to decay. They lose their ability to regenerate and repair tissue. Changes begin to show on the skin; the internal organs such as the heart, the sex glands, the immune system etc. begin to lose their functional efficiency. At this point, you begin to look and feel aged.

1) Lightening of facial pigmentation
2) Better digestion and elimination of constipation
3) Firming of sagging bust and bust development
4) More flexible joints & discs
5) Deeper and more relaxing sleep
6) Increases alertness & mentality
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