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AiMeiti ST Fascia Red or Blue Box (Face Slimming and Shaping)

AiMeiti ST Fascia Red or Blue Box (Face Slimming and Shaping)

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Blue: 5ml vial x 2 per box

Red Supreme Edition [Rose] 5ml vial x 2 per box (Upgraded painless version)

AiMeiti soft fascia replantation, the main ingredient is hydrolyzed collagen.

Aloe Extract
Glyconucleic Acid and Nucleotide

The principle is to reorganize and tighten the loose superficial fascia fat cell chain, so as to achieve the lifting effect; cell nutrients make the skin brighter and achieve recovery promoting the effect of brightening V face!

The main effect is: tightening, lifting, brightening the complexion, and the more important thing is that the face will not be swollen or stiff after the face is hit! The recovery period is short, the trauma is small, and the effect is obvious immediately after the injection. You can wash your face and make-up 8 hours after the injection.

Aimeti has eight functions, lifting + pulling + tightening + thin + thin + tender + bright + elastic

This is a product that repairs the cell structure. If possible, it can be maintained for a long time. The skin will become tighter after a one-time treatment.
How to use the lifting needle
Specification: one piece of 5ml/a box of 2 pieces
Usage: Dermal injection
Level: epidermis, dermis
Function: Repair of senescent cells in epidermis and dermis, improve firmness
Dosage: 0.05/0.1ml per point
Needle insertion: use a 4mm needle, tilt 45° for full needle insertion

Treatment Recommendations
2-4 points at a time, 2 more points for severe skin sagging.
One course of treatment three times, once every 20-30 days. A course of treatment can last for 2-3 years.
The course of treatment can be repeated after half a year.

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