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Vasia Advance White (Whitening Beverage)

Vasia Advance White (Whitening Beverage)

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Advance White (Beverage)

400grams (Good for 1 week when taken once in the morning and once at night)

Grapes, Acerola Cherries, Gedang Lime, Pinebark, Astaxanthin and Tomato.

Advance White is loaded with nutrients from natural sources such as grapes, Acerola cherries, and tomatoes to help brighten the skin while helping to protect your skin from damage.
Formulated from the 11 best ingredients specifically for you who want a brighter skin tone.
High quality contains superior ANTIOXIDANT ingredients from Glutathione, Stem Cells and Hydrolised Collagen helps firm, tighten, elasticize sagging skin while reducing fine lines. Studies show 80% of our skin is supported by proteins that help form tissue
which is elastic to reduce wrinkles.
Enriched with fiber from grapefruit or grapefruit (grapefruit) which is good for inhibiting
calorie production in turn helps maintain an ideal weight without an increase in appetite
like other supplements.
Practice 2 times a day before breakfast and before bed on an empty stomach for optimal effect.
The effects can be seen and felt as early as intake.
Dull, dark, dry and scaly skin will look more moisturized, smooth, smooth and elastic.

Benefits of Advance White V’Asia

* Increases skin brightness
* Improves skin elasticity and smoothness
* Maintains skin moisture
* Helps tighten the skin
* Slows down the aging process of the skin
* Get rid of toxins from the body
* Reduces the effects of wrinkles and fine lines
* Controls the rate of oil production in the skin layer
* Helps get rid of blemishes on the skin such as acne, pimples and scars
* Protects skin from damage due to UV radiation

Take one tablespoon of ADVANCE WHITE and put it in a shaker containing 120 ml of water. Shake until dissolved and ready to drink.
For best results, you are recommended to practice ADVANCE WHITE 15-30 minutes before breakfast and before bed.

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