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3rd Generation GLUTAX® 1800000GS

3rd Generation GLUTAX® 1800000GS

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3rd Generation GLUTAX® 1800000GS
Origin Country : Italy

Introducing the remarkable 3rd Generation GLUTAX® 1800000GS, a groundbreaking innovation in skin whitening. This advanced formula utilizes the revolutionary "Breaking the Double Nucleic Acid Gene Whitening Method," which surpasses the effectiveness and safety of single nucleic acid methods. By isolating melanin production and enhancing the gene, it achieves unparalleled whitening results without any undesirable darkening effects.

Not only does this exceptional product deliver a brighter complexion, but it also provides deep hydration and elasticity to your skin. Its upgraded version penetrates directly into the deepest layers of your skin, ensuring year-round effectiveness. Experience the dual functionality of brightening for spring and summer and moisturizing for autumn and winter, effectively resolving dryness and dehydration concerns during these seasons.

With GLUTAX® 1800000GS, bid farewell to rough, dull, and yellowish skin. Say goodbye to dryness, peeling, and the appearance of fine lines caused by seasonal changes or allergies. Embrace a radiant, supple, and rejuvenated complexion that transcends the limitations of weather and skin conditions.

Choose the power of GLUTAX® 1800000GS and embark on a journey towards flawless, nourished, and revitalized skin.


miRNA Multivitaminico 15000mg
miRNA Collagene Naturale 8000mg
miRNA Selenio 3300mg
miRNA white elements 2500mg
EUF Vitamin c 18.0g
EUF Collagen 18.0g
miRNA Recombined Stem Cell 755mg
miRNA Oxygenox Q-10 920mg
miRNA Glucokinase 1800000g (miRNA RNA GSH + Energy Active Cytokines)
miRNA Acido Alfa Lipoico 2300mg
miRNA Epidermal Growth Factor 5000mg
miRNA Acido Cogico 2400mg

Presenting the remarkable benefits of this extraordinary antioxidant, the 3rd Generation GLUTAX® 1800000GS offers an array of advantages that seem never-ending:

- Amplified Energy: Experience a noticeable increase in energy levels.
- Strengthened Immune System: Bolster your body's natural defense mechanisms.
- Enhanced Concentration: Improve focus and mental clarity.
- Accelerated Recovery: Reduce downtime after workouts or surgical procedures.
- Optimal Athletic Performance: Unlock your full potential in sports and physical activities.
- Intensive Detoxification: Effectively eliminate toxins, including heavy metals.
- Shield Against Degenerative Diseases: Safeguard yourself from conditions like diabetes.
- Rapid Skin Whitening: Attain a fairer complexion by reducing melanin formation.
- Suppression of Acne and Blemishes: Combat the formation of unwanted skin imperfections.
- Minimized Facial Pores and Improved Complexion: Achieve smoother, more radiant skin with reduced pore size.
- Safe for All Ages: Glutathione is suitable for individuals of any age.

Recommended Dosage:

For optimal results, it is advised to administer one set injection twice a week for a duration of two to six months, taking into account your body's metabolism. Afterward, the dosage can be reduced to one injection every two weeks for maintenance purposes. However, it is crucial to consult a medical professional for personalized dosage recommendations.

Please Note:

The following circumstances are not suitable for the use of this product: breastfeeding, injection during menstruation, vitamin allergies of any kind, and patients with cardiovascular issues. It is essential to seek guidance from a doctor if you require further information regarding the appropriate dosage in your specific case.

Discover the incredible benefits of the 3rd Generation GLUTAX® 1800000GS and unlock a world of wellness and rejuvenation.

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