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Viscera Nano Advance Skinboosters

Viscera Nano Advance Skinboosters

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Viscera Nano Advance Skinboosters
For use as a Whitening  booster.

Vitamin B Complex
Buffered Vitamin C
Biotin (Vitamin H) Suspension
Magnesium Chloride

Get a glowing fair skin like a celebrity. The best whitening injection for glowing white skin and firm body is here. Just use only
once a month or for a maximum of two times a month only. With just one injection, see how all the positive skin changes unravel. You will love it when you wake up everyday and watch as your skin tone becomes cleaner, brighter and even; PLUS, your body becomes firmer and with improved elasticity.

- 10x Booster Whitening
- Anti -Aging Solution
- Rejuvenation Therapy
- Trusted Formula From Switzerland (Beyonce + Glutathione Injection + Myer's Cocktail Formula)
- Thousands of Testimonials
- 100% Safe & Effective

X You don't have to go for skin whitening injection treatment every week.
You don't need to drip, you only have to inject intramuscularly.
You don't have to bust your budget, get 10x more effective results and cost saving.
X There is no need for extreme abstinence from food or any skin treatment taboos
- Made from best ingredients and formula from experts which is 99% more effective and safe.
- See its effect from as early as 3 days (depending on your body metabolism)

Advantages of Viscera Skinboosters and Nano Advance injections:
1. Brightens, plumps, evens out your skin tone and moisturizes the skin.
2. With its high antioxidant ingredients, it is an anti-aging agent.
3. Protects and repairs the skin from excessive UV rays that can damage skin cells and cause pigmentation/sunburn
4. Provides an ideal slim body shape, stretches and tightens the breasts and buttocks and tightens the vaginal muscles
5. Shrinks acne and closes facial pores and reduce skin oiliness.
6. Fades scars, freckles and dark spots on the thighs, armpits, neck and miss V
7. Skin looks more vibrant and increases the body's natural collagen absorption.
8. Thickens hair & nourishes nails
9. Reduces eczema skin problems, severe allergies, sinusitis, psoriasis and eliminates stretchmarks.
10. Stabilizes body hormones

Note: Its highly advisable to procure enough quantity for estimated desired results as this product is fast selling and highly sought for locally.

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