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The Red Weight Loss Solution

The Red Weight Loss Solution

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The Red Weight Loss Ampoules

Experience the ultimate solution for stubborn fat with our revolutionary product. Made with the highest quality ingredients and backed by advanced research, our formula targets fat accumulation and provides natural, long-term results. Say goodbye to unwanted fat and hello to a more confident you.

Product Description: Made in Korea
Volume: 10 ml * 5 Vials / Box
Use with Syringe: 3-5cc with Needle: Size 26-27G

Key Ingredients:

Vitamin B12 or Cyanocobalamin:

Induces activation of fat metabolism, converting carbohydrates and fats into energy.
Reduces edema by improving blood flow.


Stimulates lipase activity, promoting the decomposition and transportation of triglycerides in fat cells.
Breaks down the fat cell wall and aids in the degradation of bad cholesterol.


Derived from pineapple stems, this enzyme extract breaks down fat and reduces inflammation.
Known for its effectiveness in edema and pain reduction.

Centella Asiatica:

A herbaceous plant used in cosmetology to treat cellulite.


A dietary supplement that enhances the transport of fatty acids into cells for energy production.
Mobilizes fat from tissues and supports cellular energy metabolism.

Artichoke Extract:

A cleansing dietary supplement that combats fluid retention, fat accumulation, and bloating.
Helps reduce cholesterol levels.


Used for scar therapy, effectively removes stretch marks from the abdomen and thighs.

Natural Effect for Stubborn Fat:

With consistent treatment for approximately 4 weeks, our formula gradually dissolves fatty tissue and improves collagen fibers. This natural process ensures long-term results, eliminating body fat and providing a more toned appearance.

Areas of Application:

Our product is suitable for various areas, including the lower and upper belly, back, buttocks, upper inner thighs, waist, shoulders, arms, and double chin area.


For optimal results, we recommend one session every week for a month. Please determine the ideal maintenance treatments for each patient.

Application Method:

Our product is designed for intra-dermal micro-injection. Apply superficially, in dotted lines, every few centimeters (12-13 points per one hand-sized area). In the case of the double-chinned area, inject superficially in a dotted line and use 0.2cc per 1.5cm injection for one point. Do not exceed 0.6cc per 1 point.

Directions for Use:

Follow the general body and target area mesotherapy method for optimal results. Our product is effective in eliminating fat and cellulite in various areas, including the double chin, cheeks, neck, thighs, buttocks, lower and upper belly, knees, shoulders, arms, and back.


Visible results can be seen in approximately 4 weeks as the fatty tissue gradually dissolves. The treatment also benefits collagen fibers, resulting in improved skin elasticity. The positive outcomes of the procedure are long-lasting, and the body fat is naturally eliminated. Please note that fat will not accumulate if there are no significant changes in weight after the treatment.

Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a transformed body with our groundbreaking formula.
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