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TEVA HA Syringes

TEVA HA Syringes

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General information on TEVA hyaluronic acid syringes

Package details: 10 syrg. 25 mg X 2.5 ml
Active Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid

How to take: (in case of application to knee joints) apply once a week for 5 weeks twice a year.

TEVA hyaluronic acid in syringes is effective and modern joint agent. It improves joints: condition and helps to fight arthritis and ache in knees. Japanese TEVA is specialized and effective for medical cure of various symptoms of knee ache. General application and medical effects are same as for Adant Dispo. But TEVA application is not restricted to joint therapy.

Additional Effects of TEVA hyaluronic acid (when used as a dermal filler) includes:
whitening, firming, detoxification, facial rejuvenation stop full effect management.
non-invasive, traceless, painless improve wrinkles.
fully moisture, improve dull skin.
treatment is simple and fast, in just 10 minutes
no swelling after the injection, you can return to normal life
anti-aging, reversal of age.

Is TEVA from Japan effective ?
TEVA with hyaluronic acid from Japan is currently the one of the most effective medicines for arthritis and arthrosis of the knees. If you or your loved ones, your parents and relatives, are suffering from pain in your knees - why would you continue to suffer? Why should you choose joint replacement operations that usually end in nothing good? If you replace the joint, the leg will likely stop bending, you will need many months for rehabilitation and, most importantly, the load on the second knee will increase and quickly bring the second leg out of order.

Over time, the amount of intra-articular fluid that fills the knee joint becomes smaller. TEVA with hyaluronic acid from Japan helps to restore the required level of fluid in the joint and cope with joint pain. Your joints will return youth and health. Intra-articular injections of hyaluronic acid TEVA are effective even in autoimmune diseases, relieving pain and temporarily restoring (albeit not permanently curing) your joints. Remember to follow the basic precautions and general recommendations for the introduction of this medicine:

only the surgeon should administer the drug
the drug should be administered only as intra-articular injections.
x-ray is recommended before treatment
not recommended to use the drug more than 1 time per week / two courses per year
treatment should take place under the supervision of a surgeon or a competent specialist.
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