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Royal Ultra Booster Whitening

Royal Ultra Booster Whitening

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2ml per box

10x Extra Whitening Effect

1 box for 1 time injection per month. Maintain use for for 3 4 months or more consistently for a very satisfactory result.

Injection equivalent to twelve thousand boxes of regular whitening injections

Whitens and softens skin as early as 3 days
Overcome oily or dry skin problem
Treats all skin diseases such as, ringworm, shingles, scabies, eczema, pus, acne, sinusitis, scarring & also helps prevent diabetes
Nourishes and helps in hair and nail growth
Helps whiten and remove blackheads in the thighs, groin, armpits and problems around a dark miss v
Tightens the vaginal muscles
Overcome the problem of migraine, gout, knee pain, joints and numbness
Promotes blood circulation
Overcomes irregular menstruation
Helps remove thick freckles around the face and shrink open pores
Notice the change early as 3 days after the injection
No taboos / allergies - can be used on men or women / aged 12 years and above. Under 12 years old are prohibited from using
Can be injected during menstrual period
Can be used by breastfeeding mothers 5 months and above

Extract the content of the ampoule unto a syringe. IV preferred. 

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