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Nichi-iko Vitamin C

Nichi-iko Vitamin C

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- Skin whitening purposes and boost immune system or all organs.
- Reduces fine line, wrinkles, pigmentation and minor scars.

Best Subcutaneous Injection Nichi-iko

1) Vitamin C for scurvy (scurvy, Merrel-Barrow disease)

2) Increasing demand for vitamin C, inadequate intake of food, and occasional vitamins (depleting illness, pregnancy, breastfeeding, intense physical activity time, etc.)

3) Lower row morbidity, metabolic C-like deficiency or inborn error of metabolism presumed case
– Capillary bleeding (nasal bleeding, gum bleeding, hematuria, etc.)
– Drug addiction
– Adrenal gland cutaneous function disorder
– Temporary fracture formation and promotion of osteosynthesis
– Yellow-brown spots, freckles, post-inflammatory pigmentation
– Light ray hypersensitive skin inflammation

Injection method:
- Intravenous (IV) by drip or normal injection. Drip 15~45 minute preferred.
- 2x500mg/2ml ampoule every 3 day. After first box, maintain 1~2 ampoule’s every month. 1~2 week to see result.

Side effect:
- Do not use more than 20g per day, it may cause digestion disorder (diarrhea & gastric pains).
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