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Korea Glamour Care SCM Stem Cells

Korea Glamour Care SCM Stem Cells

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2.5ml x 4 vials / box

Glamor care scm stem cell baby solutions is mainly aimed at treating acne scars, controlling nutrients, maintaining elasticity, whitening, reducing pores, and improving sensitive skin. Korean Glamor Care Scm Stem Cell 100% Culture Solution -Excellent effect on skin regeneration pore reduction and acne scars.

Korea Glamour Care SCM Stem cells baby face solutions is a product with self-renewal and differentiation ability. It is called "skin universal assistant" in medical circles.

Containing PCL ingredients can help the skin to restore youthful firmness and improve the effect!
It can directly add moisture to the skin, and the moisturizing effect is good!
Among them, stem cell repair factor can heal acne-prone skin, remove acne marks, repair skin, and reduce skin pores!
With Chanel Cerofy Quan Zhixian water light, whitening and brightening effect at one time, one bottle + one bottle, it is called "zero pore rejuvenation formula" by Korean dermatology.

if you have:
1. Rough skin caused by staying up late
2. Dark spots and macular
3. Natural yellow
4. Natural black
5. Damaged black
6. Dull complexion
7. Rough skin 8. Uneven skin tone
9. Large pores
10. Deepening of fine lines
11. Loose skin 1
2. Dry and dehydrated
13. Red acne, more acne scars.

Then Korea Glamour Care SCM Stem Cells is for you

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