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Glutax 8000000GS Pico Cell Absorption

Glutax 8000000GS Pico Cell Absorption

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Glutax 8000000GS

4 Ampoules 10ml
miRNA Multivitamins 15000mg
miRNA Natural Collagen 8000mg
miRNA Selenium 3300mg
DNA White Cell Element 3000mg

4 Ampoules 5ml
miRNA White Elements 2500mg
E-UF Vitamin C 18.0gm
E-UF Collagen PN 18.0gm
Hyaluronic element 2500mg

4 Ampoules 2ml
miRNA Recombined Stem Cell 755mg
Plantago Major Plant Stem Cell Extract 150mg
Silybum Marianum Plant Stem Cell Extract 200mg

4 Alpha Lipoic Acid
miRNA Oxygenox Q10 920mg
Hydro SC Peptide (Cartilage Extract) 13500mg

4 Alpha Lipoic Acid
miRNA Glutokines 1800000g (Micro RNA GSH + Energy Active Cytokines)
miRNA Alpha Lipoic Acid 2300mg
miRNA Epidermal Growth Factor 5000mg
miRNA Kojic Acid 2400mg
SC Glutathione P – Transferases 8000000mg

Best seller among Glutax products because:

Breaking the Double Nucleic Acid Gene Whitening Method Double Nucleic Acid is a “safer” and “more efficient” whitening method than a single nucleic acid, completing the isolation of melanin production and improving the gene to achieve “whitening” "No black effect.

Creates hydrated, elastic skin The upgraded version is directly dry at the bottom of the muscles, available all year round, two-way function, spring and summer bright white autumn and winter moisturizing, completely solve the dry and dry skin problems in autumn and winter. Get rid of the fine lines, dry skin, seasonal skin changes and allergy.

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