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Glutax 2000000GX – DualNA Premium Recombined Cell

Glutax 2000000GX – DualNA Premium Recombined Cell

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Second best seller for Glutax,

Best bought together with the Glutax 2000000GX beauty soap

10 Ampoules 5ml
DNA & RNA Multivitamins 250000mg
DNA & RNA Natural Collagen 12000mg
DNA & RNA Selenium 5000mg

10 Ampoules 2ml
DNA & RNA Premium Recombined
Stem Cell 30000mg

-Premium Grape Stem Cell
-Premium Apple Stem Cell
-Premium Argan Fruit Stem Cell
-Premium Rose Stem Cell

10 Vials
DNA & RNA Glutathione 2000000g
DNA & RNA Ultra White Elements 6000mg
DNA & RNA Epidermal Growth Factor 8000mg
DNA & RNA ProEnzyme Q10 3700mg
DNA & RNA PDRN Hyal 4800mg


- Makes your skin white, smooth and radiant.

- Removes free radicals. - Increases the elasticity of the skin,

- Summarizing the pores of the skin which tends to enlarge anti aging

- Removes & vanishes scars - Reduces pigmentation resulting from sun

- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles around facial area

- Suppresses the formation of acne / blemishes / pimples

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