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Glutax 180000GR – miRNA Absolute White

Glutax 180000GR – miRNA Absolute White

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4 Sets in a Box

Product details
4 Ampoules (10 ml)
Mirna Multivitamins 150000 mg
Mirna Natural Collagen 8000 mg
Mirna Selenium 3300 mg

4 Ampoules (10 ml)
Mirna white elements 2500 mg
4 Ampoules(2 ml)
Mirna Recombined Stem Cell 755 mg
Grape Stem Cell
Apple Stem Cell
Argan Fruit Stem Cell
Rose Placenta Extract

4 Vials
Mirna Oxygenox q10 920 mg

4 Vials
Mirna Glutokines 180000g (Mirna RNA GSH + energy active cytokines)
Mirna Alpha Lipoic Acid 2300 mg
Mirna Epidermal Growth Factor 5000 mg
Mirna Kojic Acid 2400 mg

Benefits Summary:
Makes skin healthy, smoother, and white!
Boost energy
Reduces pigmentation & freckles
Makes skin fair and firm
Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
Reduces age spot
Improve brightness & radiance of the skin
Improves skin tone imbalance
Promotes skin firmness & elasticity

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