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Gana HA Filler

Gana HA Filler

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Cross linked hayluronic acid 20mg/cc
Cross linking ratio 10%
50ml prefilled vial

Uses of GANA HA Body

Usually, this HA filler is applied via injection in the fat layer of the skin. There it instantly adds volume to provide the following treatment results:

Correction of body scars
1. Breast augmentation
2. Enhancement of hips
3. Buttocks reshaping
4. Aside from serving cosmetic purposes, the product can also correct body deformities. For instance, doctors can insert the filler gel in the calf to treat minor bow leg concerns. Also, it can bulk the calves and give them a more muscular appearance.

Does GANA HA Body Deliver Permanent Results?

GANA HA BODY is a highly-cross linked Hyaluronic Acid Filler. This body filler also has a high Hyaluronic Acid Filler Concentration. Additionally, this filler also has a small particle size, which makes it easy to mold.

Due to its high cross-linking ratio, this filler has a higher viscosity as compared to your regular biphasic dermal fillers. To add with that, this filler is also formulated to last for a long time.

As its name suggests, GANA HA Body is a Hyaluronic Acid filler for body contouring. As a result, it can only provide patients with temporary treatment results because the HA will slowly dissolve. Still, that is a slow and gradual process that can take up to two years. So, the product is longer-lasting than many others in this category.

Also, the effects of the therapy can be swiftly and painlessly reversed. Doctors simply need to inject the treatment zones with hyaluronidase. This is a harmless enzyme that will quickly dissolve the implant gel.

Use with NaCL: 10ml of NaCL to one Gana Filler bottle. Extract Nacl and add to filler and shake, then extract using 10ml syringe (1 bottle will be equivalent to 6 x 10ml syringes)

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