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DHC Vitamin C Supplement

DHC Vitamin C Supplement

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DHC Vitamin C Supplement
180 Capsules (for 90 Days)

Net contents: 180 capsules for 90 days.
Made in Japan
Ingredients (per 2 capsules):
Vitamin C 1000mg
Vitamin B2 2mg
Potential allergens: Gelatin

This DHC Supplement is large sized economy pack containing 180 capsules full of vitamin C.

Contains 1000mg of vitamin C per daily consumption, which equally accounts for 50 lemons of vitamin C! This supplement also includes vitamin B2 which synergizes the performance of vitamin C.
Vitamin C is a key nutrient for maintaining healthy skin mucous membranes.

Each serving contains 1,000mg of vitamin C for one day, and vitamin B2, which has a cosmetic effect, is added. Vitamin C is a key nutrient for maintaining healthy skin mucous membranes.

For people who exercise or are addicted to smoking, or who live a stressful life, and who tend to lose a lot of nutrients, water-soluble vitamin C is not a burden to the body. It is recommended to take it as a daily supplement.

- Helps to protect cells and keep them healthy
- Helps with wound healing
- Increases the amount of iron we can absorb from plant sources, such as kale, broccoli and sprouts.
- Antioxidants that may protect against damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals, as well as toxic chemicals and pollutants like cigarette smoke.

An economy-size product for 3 months. DHC supplements have a great advantage in cost performance.

Take up to 2 capsules a day.
Take this supplement with water, but without chewing.
For better results, consume 1 tablet each in the morning and evening.
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