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Bio-Swiss Mixing White V6 Pro

Bio-Swiss Mixing White V6 Pro

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NEW, Bio-Swiss Mixing White V6 Pro

4 sets in a box (3 Vials + 2 Ampoules per set)


Ampoule x 4
Multivitamins with Collagen 20ml 5000mg
Ampoule x 4
Ultra Celergen SCF VI 5ml 3800mg
Vial x 4
Power B Complex
Vial x 4
Co-enzyme Q10 500mg
Vial x 4
Pico - Glutathione 16000mg

Bio-Swiss Mixing White V6 Pro is used as a professional, powerful, nutrient rich whitening injection that transforms your skin by visibly improving skin color, hydration, firmness, wrinkles, elasticity, lines, age spots, pigmentation and the presence of spots.

Professional skin whitening and brightening formula (recommended use for whitening is once every 4 days. 1 Box is good for 2 weeks treatment)
Lightening dark spots
Anti-aging and rejuvenation
Reduces acne/ pimples and acne pits and scars
Minimizes large pores and regulates oily skin
Healing of scar
Stimulates collagen production
Body detoxification
Protect your skin from UV rays.
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