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BHK's Salmon DNA Capsules

BHK's Salmon DNA Capsules

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BHK's Salmon DNA Capsules
60 capsules / bottle
Place of origin: Taiwan

Main Ingredients
135 mg of Patented Salmon Sperm Extract (containing Salmon DNA PDRN)
50 mg of Silk Protein
30 mg of Vitamin C.

BHK's Salmon DNA Description
The first of its kind, orally taken. Improve collagen synthesis, skin healing, and elasticity with the first market capsules featuring Japanese dual-patent extraction and precious roe essence. This natural source is scientifically proven to provide proteins, hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid derivatives, and other ingredients which are essential for improving the health and appearance of human skin. These essential proteins help to regenerate the skin cells, restoring and maintaining the optimal skin state. With regular use, users can look forward to reduced wrinkles and fine lines, smoother and more even skin texture, improved complexion, and fading of existing scars, from acne scars to new scars. To top it off, Japan Natural Silk Protein also works to slow down aging of the skin as well as inhibits melanin deposition, giving users a brighter and more rejuvenated complexion.

BHK's Salmon DNA Description & FAQ
Q: Are healed scars suitable for BHK's Salmon DNA capsules?
A:BHK's Salmon DNA capsules are mainly suitable for new scars, which usually heal after about 2 weeks. For established scars, it is recommended to combine with cosmetic maintenance or laser treatment.
Q: What are the benefits of taking BHK's Salmon DNA capsules?
A: BHK's Salmon DNA capsules can be used to help newly formed wounds heal within a month, reduce the visibility of existing scars, and prevent further scar formation.
Q: What is the recommended consumption method?
A: It is advised to take one capsule daily for general maintenance and one capsule per meal (up to 3 capsules per day) for existing wounds and not to switch between meal times when taking the capsules.
Q: Are there any contraindications to consuming BHK's Salmon DNA capsules?
A: Those who are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have special diseases should consult with their doctor before consuming any of the capsules.
Q: Is it suitable for those who are pregnant or nursing?
A: Women who are pregnant or nursing are in a special physical condition, so it is essential to ask a doctor before consuming these capsules.
Q: What is the recommended age range for taking these capsules?
A: People aged 12 years and older can take these capsules.
Q: Is it suitable for vegetarians?
A: Unfortunately, BHK's Salmon DNA capsules contain animal ingredients and are not suitable for vegetarians.
Q: What are the main ingredients of the capsules?
A: The main ingredients of each capsule are 135 mg of patented salmon sperm nest extract (containing DNA), 50 mg of silk protein, and 30 mg of vitamin C.
Q: What does BHK's Salmon DNA capsules mainly help with?
A: BHK's Salmon DNA capsules are mainly used to help reduce the visibility of new scars, acne scars, and wounds caused by external forces.
Q: How long will it take for the scars to heal?
A: Generally, wounds can heal within two weeks. To maximize the results, it is best to take the capsules as soon as the wound appears and to also do sun protection and wound protection.
Q: Will the capsules be effective on stretch marks and obesity marks?
A: If the stretch marks are in the early stages, i.e. red lines, the capsule combined with massage can help lighten them. However, for the late stage of silvery white lines, the capsule alone will not be effective as the collagen fibers in the skin that have been broken are the cause of the marks and therefore it is advised to focus on moisturizing maintenance.
Q: Can these capsules be used on existing scars?
A: BHK's Salmon DNA capsules are mainly suitable for new scars, whose healing period is usually two weeks. For existing scars, it is recommended to combine the capsules with cosmetic maintenance or laser treatment.

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