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Japan Super Placenta

Japan Super Placenta

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Japan Super Placenta, The Ultimate Cell Treatment

Contains: 25ML/ Ampoule (25 Units)
1000mg placenta extract/ml

The “umbilical cord” and “placenta” of a healthy newborn baby have a function to prevent aging. This amazing function is used as an anti-aging weapon. The cells of the umbilical cord and placenta have been fragmented through a unique treatment process, which can be injected into the body effectively without any stress. The active element contained in 1ml of Super Placenta is almost 500 times as much ads normal injection.

Super placenta is the ultimate anti-aging treatment. It helps create a healthy body without fatigue, strengthens the functioning of the liver, and even acts as an anti- allergenic agent. More than 10,000 tests have been demonstrated to prove the effectiveness of the products which is an amazing treatments.
Injection of placenta
Rejuvenates the skin, smoothing the skin from inside.
Preserve youth by removing free radicals and promoting blood circulation.
Hormonal adjustments, enhanced liver function, improve the disease of modern busy women through the effect of anti-fatigue, anti-stress, overcome poor physical condition, sleep disorders.
Restores energy when tired.
Activation of immunity, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, improve asthma conditions.
Improving menopause by regulating the autonomic nervous system.
Super Placenta 25ml unit is for 2 treatments, 10ml each treatment.
Once sealed void/ open must inject within 24 hours.

Store vial at cool or room temperature, for viscosity , please remove from refrigerator 15mins before use.
Shake well before use.

Compare Melsmon, Laennec, Curacen and Super Placenta
Super Placenta contains every chemical substance that human body needs to maintain a healthy life. One of the substance is the AMPS (acid mucopolysaccharide), which activates the cells and functions as a weapon to stop them from decreasing.
Effects of Super Placenta Japan

Hay fever - Effective to 94.7% (out of 3266 cases)

Bronchus asthma - Effective to 88.9% (out of 821 cases)

Autonomic imbalance - Effective to 81.5% (out of 1806 cases)

Internal Disease
- Diabetes
- High blood pressure
- Gout
- Cirrhosis of the liver
- Liver function failure
- Chronic hepatitis
- Alcoholic hepatitis
- Cancer prevention
- Chronic fatigue

- Rheumatism
- Neuralgia
- Adhesive capsulitis
- Stiff neck
- Numbness
- Hernia

- Allergic Rhinitis

- Atopic dermatitis
- Allergy disease
- Restoration of youth
- Beauty
- Acne

- Depression
- Sleep disorder
- Insomnia

Comparison per dose
To compare dosing 1ml Melsmon (contains 50mg placental tissue) and 25ml~30ml Super Placenta (contains 25000mg~30000mg placental tissue) through normal injection
Thus, Super Placenta contains 500~600times effective placental tissue.

Comparison per dose
To compare dosing 1ml Laennec (contains 56mg placental tissue) and 25ml~30ml Super Placenta (contains 25000mg~30000mg placental tissue) through normal injection
Thus, Super Placenta contains 446~535times effective placental tissue.

For 10ml vial
Melsmon … 10000÷50=200 times effective placental tissue.
Laennec … 10000÷56=178 times effective placental tissue.

How to Prepare Placenta Therapy

This sample contains the non-polluted placenta, which is subdivided by autoclave sterilization. The solid tissue, like placenta, umbilical cord, is injected with incision or embedding tools. However, by the result of clinical research, different types of antigen are found in human placenta. This would be a great part of the effectiveness of Placenta therapy. In this sample, placental tissue is broken into parts by sterile enzyme. You may inject it through a 27G needle. Even children can inject the antigen effectively with no load.

1 vial contains 25units (25ml) or 10units (10ml). (the picture shown the above is 25units)
The appropriate amount of HES, NaCl, glucose, lactic acid and enzyme are included for buffering.
To ensure its sterility, this vial is processed under 132°C for 60 min in autoclave.
The seal on the vial will appear “滅菌済(Sterilized)” after a minimum requirement of 121°C 20 min sterilization.
Subcutaneous or intramuscular injection is recommended. DO NOT inject into vein.
Subcutaneous tissue, especially hip, is recommended for injection.
PH is adjusted to 7.5.
Shake the vial well before inject.
Extract the placental tissue from vial through an 18G needle. Then change a 22~27G-1/2inch needle (suitable needle) to inject.
Placenta therapy presents similar result as using placenta solution. The purpose of using can be easily understood. However, the superior effect of Placenta therapy is much long lasting.
There is no report that specify the limitation of using placenta, but it is reported that a man injected 32400units in maximum with no side effect. In some rare cases, hypersensitivity (such as itching) occurred, but it is just a transient antigen response.
Injecting 10units to 30units can reach the target.
Transient overresponse (such as fever, rubefaction, dull pain) may occur after injecting placental tissue. Cold the painful area, and it would be recovered after 2~3 days.
Super Placenta can be stored for 1 year. Once open, please inject as soon as possible. Store the vial at room temperature. For its viscosity, remove it from refrigerator 15min before use.
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