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BCN Firming Solution

BCN Firming Solution

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BCN Firming Solution

Contains Organic Silica 0.5% and DMAE 2.5%.
10 ampoules x 5ml

Stimulates collagen and elastin creation.
Has a firming and rejuvenating effect.
Improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks.
Improves skin wrinkles and fine expression lines.
Reduces pore size.
Stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.
Favors the penetration of active ingredients.

DMAE Firming Solution provides an instant face or body lift effect, while defending the skin against free radicals and simultaneously infusing it with moisture.

BCN Organic Silica 0.5% & DMAE is an all-in-one facelift and anti-ageing treatment that mixes two powerful rejuvenating agents. Organic Silica & DMAE immediately tones and smoothens the skin, protecting it against free radicals. Organic Silica & DMAE Firming Solution is effective not just on the face, but also for treating sagging skin on the arms, abdomen, legs and buttocks.

DMAE or Norcholine started to be used in external use to produce a lifting effect. It is a natural compound in our body.

DMAE is a precursor of acetylcholine, a neuro-mediator which plays an important role in the skin. Keratinocytes, fibroblasts, myofibroblasts, sweat cells and endothelial cells, have membrane receptors and respond to acetylcholine. The tensile effect of DMAE results in a cholinergic stimulation of membrane receptors of fibroblasts, and stimulates progressive concentration of the myofilaments of its cytosol. DMAE also has antiradical and anti-lipofuscin activities and it repairs the proteinic cross linking (collagen and elastin) of the area.

The mode of action of DMAE can consequently result a synergic combination of actions at different levels: tension of dermal non-muscle cells, cohesion and displacement of keratinocytes, hydration and elasticity of the stratum corneum, better nutrition and skin defenses, antioxidation and skin uniformities. It acts quickly and lasts long.

How to use: Microinjections via micro needling or mesotherapy.
Precaution: Not for use if there is any allergy to any of the components.

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