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Misfill F & B Fat Dissolving Treatment

Misfill F & B Fat Dissolving Treatment

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2ml x 10

Aqua, Glycerin, L-carnitine, Lecithin, Sodium deoxycholate, Asiaticoside
The fat-dissolving essence that creates a three-dimensional facial contour & a slender body. Excellent solution for both face and body, developed by the chiefs of plastic surgery for many years.

Minimally invasive technology, leaving no scars, which is different from traditional liposuction in the past; no water injection, no suction, no bandaging, no binding, no diet and no need for a lot of exercise;
The drug formula is used, and its function is to protect the liver and supply trace elements to the body, which is basically harmless to the human body. Mainly used for skin tightening, face and neck rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, acne treatment, scar removal, stretch mark removal, baldness improvement and local cellulite removal.

How long does it take for Misfill F&B treatment to work?
After treatment, the patient begins to swell within half an hour, with a burning sensation and mild pain. At this time, ice compress for half an hour can relieve the pain and burning sensation.
The swelling peaked in 6 hours, and the swelling began to subside after 24 hours. The swelling disappeared within 3 to 10 days, and the skin began to shrink. At this time, the effect began to show, and the best effective period was about 8 weeks.

Can Misfill F&B do it all at once?
For small areas and the fat thickness is not very thick, satisfactory results can be achieved at one time.
However, the dosage of the product is limited, and the limit of the product used by the human body at one time has been reached.
You can't use it when the product is not metabolized, you can only use it next time. For very fat people, it may take 2-3 times.

Will Misfill F&B bounce back?
Because this treatment directly acts on fat cells, the number of fat cells is relatively reduced, and the number of fat cells in adults is fixed, so it is not easy to rebound.

Will my skin sag after using Misfill F&B?
Healthy people's skin is elastic, while the Vaders lipolytic agent degrades and excretes fat cells,
It can also stimulate the growth of elastic fibers under the skin, and the contraction is enhanced, which makes the skin evenly retracted, more elastic and firmer.

1. In the first three days, there may be redness, swelling and fever at the treatment site;
2. Within two weeks, there may be pain, edema and other phenomena at the treatment site;
3. Nodules and deep edema may appear on the treatment site within three weeks, and the pigmentation will disappear within 3 months.:
1. Do not touch water within 24 hours after treatment.
2. Within 72 hours of treatment, do not apply unknown drugs and stimulating drugs.
3. Drink plenty of water after treatment to promote excretion.
4. Local massage, physical irradiation, hot compress, etc. after 24 hours of treatment.
5. Regularly measure the thickness and body circumference of the fat at the treatment site.

Drug Disadvantages
Edema and pigmentation may occur after use; Multiple treatments are required.
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